Managing your print orders

Managing your inventory of business print materials is a great way to avoid the stress of last minute ordering and to stay within your print budget. If you have not been ordering long enough to know how long a certain item will last, we suggest trying these tricks:

  • Estimate a 3-6 month supply. We recommend you order enough of an item to last you at least three months:
    • Less than three months could mean you are foregoing cost savings that result from a longer print run.
    • More than six months could mean you will tie up money in inventory and could run the risk of spending money on a print material that becomes obsolete due to regular business changes.
  • When ordering or reordering, ask us to price different quantities. When we see the opportunity to save you money in the future by printing a larger quantity now we will bring it to your attention. However, we always encourage you to ask about how we can make your job more affordable
    • our pricing system makes it easy to produce a new quotation using multiple quantities or different papers.
  • Remember, we are happy to store your inventory at our facilities. If you want to print in bulk to save money but do not have the office space to store your job we are happy to store it here. From our inventory department, we can track document usage and inventory, and handle fulfillment and shipping responsibilities on your behalf.